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Oct. 16th, 2009

[Congratulations, Stein and Winry, as well as any immediate neighbors. You've just been woken up by an ear-splitting scream.]


You! I thought I destroyed you!

So you've come back, huh? Y-You're stalking me, aren't you? I may be beautiful, but I already rejected your foul advances! I told you I wanted nothing more to do with you ever again!

Don't look at me with that pleading stare.

Evil unfaithful bastard! You'll get no mercy from me! HIIIIIIIYAAAAAA!

[There is a crashing sound from the bathroom.

Stein or Winry might find Marie standing next to a shattered toilet, looking very pleased with herself.]

Ninth Bolt

Did I seriously-

No. It was a dream. A very bad dream. Just a horrible nightmarish dream.

There's no possible way I could have actually.



Oh dear sweet Shinigami.

Eighth Bolt; Action Post

["Oh, yes, John!" Marie squeals, jumping into her beloved's arms. "Of course, of course I'll marry you!"

"I do!" Marie cries, kissing Stu full on the lips as the church erupts in applause. "I do, I do, I do!"

"Supper's ready!" Marie chirps, setting the table as her children cling to her legs. "Kids, go call your father, James, the millionaire bodybuilder, in for dinner!"

Marie's dreams are pleasant and utterly peaceful, and she smiles as her noses brushes up against that of the man occupying her bed. "Mmm, Fred, that tickles~" the Weapon giggles, planting a gentle kiss on his forehead. Her eyes open slightly, so she can get a better look at the adorably sleeping...

Demon God Asura.

Marie stares at him for a moment before very slowly, very softly, very quietly, falling out of bed and screaming silently for a full five minutes straight.]

Seventh Bolt

[private; hackable]

Ah... I was so caught up in finding a present for Chrona that I didn't pay attention to anything else. Now these presents... Ew...

I suppose I should be happy that the drones are all dead, but finding them like this is just... wrong! This world is all wrong! These drones don't even have souls, and whoever did this is just slaughtering them like animals...

I am a Death Scythe. It's my job to oversee death, to make sure that it happens normally and naturally. But in a world like this, where people aren't even real, what can I do? I can't guide souls, I can't stop what's happening... All I can do is try to protect my students, and I'm not sure I've even managed to do that much. Between the Kishin and the town itself... What happened to this town that made it this way? Why are we here?

Shinigami... Azusa... I wish you were here to tell me what to do. You two wouldn't be stopped by a place like this. I have to keep trying, for both of you. I may not be able to fufill my duties as a Death Scythe, but I can at least fufill my duties as a teacher! I won't let Asura or Mayfield hurt Maka or Chrona or any of the other students. I promise you that.

Sixth Bolt


[The sound of a bottle, breaking on the ground.]

Fifth Bolt

Ack! Wh-What's happening!? The creepy not-people have gone completely insane...

This- This isn't the Kishin. At least, I don't think it is... Demon God, if you can hear this, if you drove these people crazy, I am going to be very angry!

If only I could transform, I might be able to fight them. Not all of them seem to be trying to kill each other, but I saw them... This isn't good. I think we're in serious danger.

But! Um, I think they won't go into other people's houses. So, if we stay in our own houses, all we have to worry about are the ones that live with us!


Fourth Bolt

Ah, my eye... I guess after Mr. Boss, I should have seen that coming. D-Did I just make a pun? It's not like I'm not used to having one eye, but it's still so odd...

What a strange place. They claim to be trying to make us all the same, but it was the mayor himself who sent those letters! I wonder why he's giving us our things back? Or lack of things, in my case.

I just don't understand this place at all...

Third Bolt

Ooh, this is nice! I needed a vacation! If the town could stay like this all the time, I might even like it here... It reminds me of Oceania!

The bikini is a little worrying, though. Did someone change my clothes in the middle of the night? I feel so dirty... I don't really think I have the figure for a bikini, but I guess I have no choice anyway, so I might as well enjoy it.

Even if it's magic, this beach is very beautiful... I wonder if anymanone wants to go swimming...

[private, hackable, unhackable to Asura]

The Kishin's presence here is disturbing, to say the least. As long as he exists here, this entire town is in danger. It is my duty as a Death Scythe to destroy him immediately, and yet...

This might be the perfect opportunity to deal with him without resorting to violence. If I can reach him... But how? My wavelength- it's been disrupted somehow. And even if I could use it... Stein was one thing, but even my wavelength might not be able to handle the Demon God.

...I have to try.

Second Bolt

Um... Thank you to everyone who helped me when I first arrived here. It's been very confusing, to say the least. This town is very... disturbing. I don't think whoever brought us here has our best interests in mind.

But there's no reason to worry! I'm sure we'll be able to find a way out of here eventually. And even if not, our loved ones are probably looking for us right now. So, um, nobody panic! E-Especially not me.

[private, hackable]

Is this what marriage feels like? I finally obtained my dream, but it's so...

No. I cannot sense souls anymore, but I don't need Soul Perception to tell that thing is not human, and he is not my husband. This place is not my home, and this is not my family.

It's so strange not to be able to transform. It's like part of me is missing... Whoever did this to us is very powerful. I only hope I don't find a need to fight here, otherwise I could be in a great deal of trouble.

First Bolt

Wh... What's going on? This isn't my house. Excuse me, is anyone home? I'm sorry to intrude, but...

...My eye!? It's... healed...

Something very strange is happening here. This must be some kind of hallucination... Medusa must have planted another snake in me. I need to find a way back to Shibusen and report to Shinigami and see if he can...


These p-pictures...

Is this... me!?


Marie Mjölnir

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